How to Look Like a Model Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips
How To Look Like A Model Beauty Tips

by Mira Lotfallah / Paris

The very word model is by definition “a standard or example for imitation or comparison.” So it is no wonder that these alluring creatures who carved an exclusive niche in our society by way of their genetic fortitude have seduced us all with their mystique and beauty. It’s the way they tower over us with their striking features and long limbs. It’s a polished perfection, like a piece of art. It’s the air that gives them away even when makeup and clothing are discreet. Quite simply, it’s that “It” factor that sets them apart and paved their road for success.

We may not all have a trip down the runway in our future, but even a small part of each of us would like to think of ourselves as such a standard worthy of imitation. You just need to tap into our own personal “It” factor and make it shine, so that when you’re feeling great about your best assets, you can truly emulate that star quality.

Do you have flawless skin that has escaped the malicious rakes of the hand of time and an overindulgent life? Eyes that could melt hearts with a single gaze, amazing eyebrows, or lips that would make Angelina Jolie jealous? The fundamentals of proper makeup application are the key to accentuating your best features and creating a flawless look. Here are some tips that will help you put your best face forward every time.


Your skin is the most noticeable part of your face, so make sure it’s picture perfect! This isn’t the place to save a couple dollars, so indulge on a quality product and you’ll find it’s well worth it! Take the time with a makeup artist or sales associate at the store to find the right color for you, making sure it is a good match for your face and blends well from your jaw line down to your neck.

**For a great glow all day, try using a shimmering face moisturizer under your foundation, or for more intense shimmer, use a little on top.**

Use blotting papers to remove excess oil and prevent shine before applying loose powder with a big fluffy brush.


A little blush can be a beautiful thing, but remember you are trying to give yourself a lovely glow, and not drawing on cheekbones. Find the right color that will accent your skin tone, and with a good blush brush apply in a swift circular motion to the apples of your cheeks.


The key to great eye makeup is practice and knowing everything about your own eyes. Color, shape, and depth all affect the way different looks will turn out on each individual, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the one that suits you. Most makeup counters offer free makeovers if you need some more personalized instruction.

Some people’s lids hold pigment well all day without a base, while others find the color wears off after a few hours. In this case, you might try applying a light layer of foundation and powder before your shadow, which should help the color go on more smoothly and last longer.

If you are wearing simple eye shadow, make your eyes pop with unbelievable lashes. Apply one layer of black or dark brown mascara on the top with an extra layer on the outer corner of your eyes, and then apply to bottom lashes if necessary. If you are wearing bold eye shadow and do not wish to detract from the effect, you can skip the mascara, or opt for a lighter brown, and remove much of the excess from the wand before applying.


The rule of thumb is always dark eyes, natural lips, natural eyes, dark lips. If you’ve gone for smoky eyes, choose a light shimmery gloss, or balance your bare lids with a rich plum lipstick.

To give fullness and dimension, line your lips with a liner just a shade darker than your natural color, following your natural line, but leaving a little bit at the bottom empty. Blend so there are no harsh lines, and apply a lip gloss on top.

Skin: The Blank Canvas of Beauty

Beautiful skin is cross culturally a sign of beauty, health, and youth. Clear, luminous skin makes you feel beautiful without a smudge of make-up. The right skin care products and regimen will transform your skin from dull to vibrant. The first step to flawless skin is to figure out your correct skin type. Everyone is different; it should be your mission to figure out the best products for you.

Think about your main concerns and target your needs. Do you have dry patches? Fine lines? Breakouts? Take these into consideration as you look through shelves of cleansers, lotions, toners, and scrubs.

Do a quick test

  • Wash
    Wash your face and leave it unmoisturized for three hours. Take a single piece of tissue and press it against your skin. From the tissue you can identify your skin type.
  • Normal
    Oil free skin that is not dry and flaky.
  • Dry
    Tight, flakey skin without any oil on the tissue.
  • Oily
    Oil comes off the entire face.
  • Combination
    Oil spots only on your ‘T’ zone, but your cheeks are left dry.
  • Sensitive

    Tight, splotchy skin when introduced to new products –side effects like red, itchy or inflamed skin may occur.

Remember that your skin type can change depending on the weather, age, and hormones. If you live in a climate with dramatic temperature changes, consider purchasing different moisturizers and cleansers depending on the season. Take in to account with age, a woman’s skin dries out. You may have to invest in denser, vitamin-fortified creams to compensate.


from Napoleon Perdis

Call it the Rhoda Effect.The 19 year-old American walked in every show this season from Anna Sui to Zac Posen. Her thick, well-shaped brows have become her trademark and make the skinny, painfully pluckedversions from years past appear even more anemic by comparison. At the recent New York City, Milan, and Paris collections, designers such as Behnaz Sarafpour, Roberto Cavalli, and John Galliano for Christian Dior sent their models down the runway with thick, lush eyebrows, fattened up with artfully placed pencil, or in the case of Dior, a few false lashes. As the saying goes, fake it ‘til you make it, honey.

To keep those brows appearing full and defined use Napoleon Perdis Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe to fill in and extend the brows as needed. My Eyebrow Pencils come with a built-in brush on the lid to blend harsh lines. To achieve a more professional, groomed shape and tapered point at the outer edge of the brow, use my 5a Sable Brush to apply the pencil then comb through Peep Show Mascara in Madame Crystal to tame unruly brows.

For over-plucked brows, follow Dior’s lead and add brown or black Lash Patrol Individual Lashes to thicken. Individual faux lashes also vamp-up any look when applied to the outer edge of the upper lash line.

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Napoleon Perdis: Real to Reel to Real

There are as many ways to bring Napoleon Perdis into any woman’s life as there are individual personalities. Since the entire collection is, by design, customizable to any lifestyle, answers to the most common beauty questions and more specific inquiries are as close as the Napoleon Perdis counter, store or web site. Better still, Napoleon’s solutions are the sort you can put to work for you right now! You can find all these wonderful products at Napoleon Perdis Online (click here).

I want to… Napoleon’s Solution Why it works…
Make myself look thinner. Light Patrol It allows you to highlight areas that will enhance your prominent features and contour areas you want to de-emphasize, such as full cheeks or jowels.
Enhance what I’ve got as a woman of color:

  • African American
  • Asian
  • Latina
  • Mediterranean/Middle Eastern
Have the foundation customized to you. Have the make-up artist also customize eye shadows to further reflect the natural beauty of your skin. Think of foundation in terms of lingerie – getting the basics right – and the eye shadows in terms of picking the right dress.
Stop being a make-up virgin…ENLIGHTEN ME! Mascara and Lipstick Mascara opens up the eyes—the windows to your soul—and lipstick empowers you and psychologically prepares you to add more make-up and complete your story!
Get back to my pre-pregnancy state…HELP! Camera Finish “Get paparazzi- ready for your close-up!” Camera Finish is a foundation, powder and concealer all in one, allowing you to be fully dressed in a flash.
Get that right look for my upcoming vacation. Barely Blushing and Bronze Luminizer Barely Blushing evokes the flush of post coital bliss, while the Bronze Luminizer brings forth the glow of sunshine and health.
Discover a new palate that goes with my new haircolor. Napoleon Perdis Express Make-Over In 35 minutes, a Napoleon Perdis professional will customize the look to match your crowning glory.
Find a new “tried-and-true” for who I am now, as the old one no longer fits. Auto Pilot Dream Cream Dream Cream is like a light switch with light technology that will infuse your foundation with a feeling of freshness as well as act as a primer. It is also anti-aging!
Differentiate between make-up that:

  • Whispers
  • Talks
Whispers: Concealer Talks: China Doll Foundation SCREAMS!: China Doll gel liner in Equinox Concealer is subtle and hides flaws without making you look overly made-up. China Doll Foundation allows you to rule the dynasty and bring forward the face you want. Gel liner gives you that smoky eye your runway model alter ego has always wanted.
In the wake of my divorce/separation, boost my confidence. DeVine Goddess lipstick in Aphrodite Aphrodite was the goddess of love, and the pure red hue is a real show stopper!
Develop a foundation of knowledge when it comes to picking a foundation as my skin changes seasonally and annually. Auto Pilot Primer + China Doll Foundation Not to prime IS a crime, so apply foundation ONLY in the middle area of the face, blending it to nothing in the jawline, and applying NO foundation on the forehead. Auto Pilot will do the rest as primer. Trust me on this!
Even out sunspots and prevent new ones from occurring. Stick Foundation It has medium coverage as well as a sun protection factor.
Stop my blush from fading out completely by mid-afternoon. Barely Blushing It is a gel blusher, and therefore doesn’t fade like powder.
Have my lipstick or eye shadow make my eye color look more intense. Tools of the Trade Brushes The secret to every make-up artist’s success. If you apply make-up with the correct tools it will last all day…guaranteed!
Look more awake and energized all day! Peep Show mascara in Madame CurlCurl This mascara curls your lashes in such a way that gives you that truly “awake” look!
Blend the dryer areas and oilier areas of my face together seamlessly. Auto Pilot This line evens out the skin and prepares it for any look in any situation. It’s perfect for combination skin!
To put together a mini-kit of looks for my handbag that I can count on in any situation-day to dinner. Camera Finish, Lip Lacquer, Mosaic Blushing Powder and Peep Show mascara in Madame Fantasia This combination of products will take you from day to evening, is multi-purpose and looks after the entire face.
Create the perfect kit of all purpose essentials for overseas travel Auto Pilot Jet Set and Lip Service, Long Black Mascara, China Doll and Color Veil These are all multi-functional and appropriate for any climate.